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To God Be The Glory



I'm giving my testimony of praise to the Lord God for all he has 
done for me. I'm thankful that I was raised in a Christian home 
with lots of love. When I was in high school, I was in a welding 
accident. I burnt both of my legs badly. The Drs. and nurses 
said I'd probably not walk again. I had this elderly nurse (who at 
the time I thought was very mean). I didn't like to use the bedpan, 
so I decided I was going to hobble to the bathroom. she caught me. 
she started making me hobble up and down the halls. It hurt so bad, 
and I didn't care too much for her. 

Today I thank God for her, and wish I could tell her that. I took 
off walking, and doing just about what ever I wanted. I have awful 
scars to remind me of God's wonderful grace. I got married to a 
wonderful man in 1993. We had our 1st daughter in 1995, we wanted 
a bigger family. We tried, but I had 2 miscarriages in 1988. We still 
knew that God had a plan for us. In 1990 we had our 2nd daughter. 
In 1996, we decided that we would like to give back for all our 

We went into foster care and right away they had 2 small children ready. 
They had been in many homes. No one seemed to want them. It was very hard, 
they were 3 and 4 years old. We had to start at infant level with them. 
They were still in diapers. Our foster son had lazy eye, and couldn't 
see anything. They both had alcohol fetal syndrome and many other problems. 
We kept at it, never putting them on a respit for a break. You see, 
they didn't trust anyone from being pushed around so much and I thank God 
that they are still with us today. It has been a long hard struggle, 
mainly because the natural parents have had too many rights. In January 
of this year, parental rights were taken away, and our adoption for them 
is almost complete. If not for the prayers of many, they might have been 
sent back home and in danger. I feel that God sent us those children to 
give comfort from the babies we lost. Oh, by the way, in 1997, He also 
blessed us with our first born son. We have 5 wonderful creations of God. 
I go for surgery on my hand tomorrow, but I have no fear, God is here. 
He is on the throne, and He'll never give me any more than I can handle. 
Thank you dear God! May God bless you all as He has us.

Debbie Ankney



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