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1148th -- My First Book


I am very thankful for the privilege that God has given me to serve in this
ministry. When I first started God's Work Ministry in 1999 I never thought
that it would be the blessing that it has been to the hundreds of thousands
if not millions of people around the world. I don't know the number, but 
God does. I do my part in writing the messages that God leads me to write 
and I leave the rest up to Him. The Lord is faithful to lead the right 
people to read the right message at exactly the right time. I have received
countless e-mails from our members letting me know how a particular message
spoke to them at just the right moment when they needed it. That cannot be
my doing. That has to be God and that is why I always give Him all the 
Glory and all the Honor because He alone deserves the credit.

I am excited to let you know about the newest project that I have just 
completed. I have written my first book! I never really thought about 
writing a book because I have made all of my messages available for free 
through my E-mail Encouragement Ministry and through my website 
Godswork.org. The book was God's idea and I followed His leading as I've 
always tried to do and I can say that the book has come out beautifully. 
I have made it available as a digital download through Amazon.com's Kindle 
format. Kindle is a wonderful way to read books because you can read a 
book on any computer, tablet or smart phone through their free Apps. As 
this world is getting digitized, it is more and more convenient to read a 
digital book than a physical book. Also the book will be available in at 
least eight countries where Amazon has been established.

I am very thankful to the Lord because the process for writing this book 
and putting it together was so much easier than I ever thought it would 
be. The Lord has been faithful in leading me in this new area as He has 
been throughout my life as I have served Him.

I have written an introduction in the book that I would like for you to 
read. My life's challenges may be a surprise to some of our members, but 
that is all the more reason that we can Praise God for His Love, Mercy and 
Grace that is afforded to all of us.

By Dwayne Savaya

My name is Dwayne Savaya and this is my first book. I would like to share 
a little bit about myself in this introduction so that when you are reading
my messages in this book you will understand who the writer is, what he 
has been through and how he can still have such a positive outlook on 
life. My story is not unlike many who have gone through terrible tragedies 
and setbacks and have come through them better, wiser and stronger than 
they were before, but my story and my messages don't focus on my own 
strength or ability or will to overcome, but rather I boast in the ability,
in the strength, in the encouragement, in the sustenance, provision and 
leading of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has been more faithful to 
me than I could ever be to Him.

In July of 1996 one month after my High School graduation and 11 days after
my 18th birthday I suffered a spinal cord injury due to a boating accident 
that left me a quadriplegic. The C-5 and C-6 bones in my neck were 
shattered which bruised my spinal cord and left me paralyzed. As a result 
I have no movement from the chest down. I am unable to move my legs, my 
feet or my fingers. I do have limited mobility of my arms which allow me 
to work on a laptop computer and write my messages either using my index 
finger on my right hand or my voice recognition software which allows me 
to write in a more fluid and natural manner. Of course I prefer the voice 
recognition software :-)

In 1999 one year after I gave my heart to the Lord, I prayerfully started 
God's Work Ministry with the website Godswork.org that was mainly focused 
on providing stories and poems that would encourage and inspire the reader 
to believe in themselves and to know that a new beginning was possible 
with God. The website became very popular just by word of mouth and many 
people contacted me to let me know they were encouraged, challenged and 
inspired by the messages they read. That encouraged my heart and a year 
after that in March of 2000 I started the God's Work Encouragement Mailing 
List where I would send encouraging and inspiring e-mail messages to people
who subscribed through my website. Within a year the messages were going 
around the world to countries I had never even heard of. That was the 
power of e-mail. I also started a Prayer Ministry where members were able 
to send in prayer requests and have other e-mail members receive those 
requests and pray on their behalf. Many people were blessed by the prayer 
ministry and continue to be.

Becoming a writer was something that God inspired. I haven't had any 
training in any particular writing skills except what I learned in high 
school. I am not trained in biblical theology and I have not been to any 
seminary school though I wish I could have. I have studied the Word of 
God, read books by many preachers, but most importantly I have been 
sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The messages that I write 
are completely inspired by the Lord because I know I don't have the wisdom,
the knowledge or the understanding to write such beautifully, articulate 
and thoughtful words of hope and encouragement. I pray as you read the 
messages, you will see and understand what I mean. And that is why I am 
quick to give God all the credit for every blessing that comes forth from 
this work. That is why my ministry is called God's Work. It is not my 
own and I do not claim any credit. 

I do hope that the messages I have included in this book will be a great 
blessing to you and to those you may share them with. 

I never thought or imagined my life would be used in this manner, but I am 
glad that God has found me worthy enough to be a part of His eternal work.


My New Book - Messages of Hope: Words of Encouragement That Will Inspire, 
Lift Up, Challenge and Edify Your Spirit is available right now for 
instant download to read on any digital device. The price is set very low 
so that everyone can afford it and benefit from it.

Click Here To Buy Your Copy: http://amzn.to/11rbnOh

Click Here To Get the Free Kindle App: http://amzn.to/1ajClwF

I truly believe that it will be a great blessing to have in your collection
and I hope you will let others know about it as well. I really hope that 
those who have been a part of our ministry will stand with me to buy the 
book and help me promote it to others so that it can make a positive impact
upon all those who read it.

I sincerely thank you for your support and for being a part of God's Work 
Ministry. I hope and pray that you have benefited and been made better by 
the messages that you have received these past months and years.

In Christ's Service,

Dwayne Savaya
God's Work Ministry


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