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On these pages we have set-up all of the Encouragement and Inspirational Messages from our E-mail Ministry for your reading enjoyment and to also make it convenient to locate a past message that you would like to re-read or send to your friends and loved ones.  We hope this addition to our website will be a great benefit to you.


We have organized the messages by number and title for your searching convenience.


Message 1101 - 1125

1101st -- Singing The Blues
1102nd -- First Things First
1103rd -- A Joyful Noise
1104th -- The Big Box
1105th -When They Trespass Against Us
1106th -- Message On Protecting Our Mind
1107th -- Message On Being Born Again
1108th -- Message On Being Kind
1109th -- Free To Be Me
1110th -- Pause For A Moment
1111th -- A Smiling Face
1112th -- The Habits Of Love
1113th -- Message On Trusting Jesus
1114th -- Message On Genesis 1
1115th -- Wisdom In The Time Of Need
1116th -- Closer To Home
1117th -- Faith Versus Reason
1118th -- Paradise Within
1119th -- The Power Of Words
1120th -- Message On Being Useful
1121st -- How I'm Like A Pencil
1122nd -- Message On The Apostle Paul
1123rd -- Giving Your Life Away
1124th -- Happy Moments
1125th -- We're Stronger Than We Think
Message 1126 - 1150
1126th -- Let Go Of Your Grudges
1127th -- Bringing Out The Best In Us
1128th -- Laugh Lines
1129th -- Just Call Upon Him
1130th -- A Ray Of Sunshine
1131st -- Follow Your Stars
1132nd -- What You Can Give To Life
1133rd -- And It Came To Pass
1134th -- Speaking The Right Words
1135th -- On Not Being Judgmental
1136th -- A Monster To Hug
1137th -- Love And Understanding
1138th -- Good Leaders And Followers
1139th -- One Day At A Time...Forever
1140th -- Counting Little Blessings
1141st -- Image Of The Cross
1142nd -- Serious Humor
1143rd -- The End
1144th -- Almost Heaven
1145th -- When Everything Is A Miracle
1146th -- Living Long...Living Well
1147th -- Developing My Struggle Muscle
1148th -- My First Book
1149th -- Your Job Is To Love
1150th -- Two Babies