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On these pages, we'd like to share with you the testimonies that our readers have shared with us; stories of struggle and triumph and the love of our Lord.  All share one thing in common:  people have come to Jesus Christ and have found the love that He offers all of us, completely and unconditionally.  Please enjoy these testimonies as people share their relationships with the Lord with you.


We hope you will be blessed by these testimonies.


Sand or Gravel?
Julie M. Bailey's Testimony
Out of Darkness
The Prayer That Saved My Husband
The Reward
Joshua's Testimony
Marine For Jesus
Who Would I Be Without You?
Father Knows Best
Tommy's Testimony
Saved In Childbearing
Who Will Deliver Me?
Linda's Testimony
God Never Gives Up
From Cowboy To Christ
Valerie's Testimony
It Is Not Wrong To Wait
God Is Faithful
Harold's Testimony
My Salvation Story
Power In Prayer
From Drugs To Jesus
Rescued From The New Age/Occult
Heather's Testimony
Karen Smith's Testimony
The Prayer of J.B.
My Angel: In The Twinkle of An Eye
God Knows Me
The Lord Will Help You Through
Healed From Depression
Power In Prayer
Michael J. Ray's Testimony
The Day The Angels Rejoiced
Terry Gaburo's Testimony
When The Lord Called My Name
Jesus My Deliverer
Albert Oduyemi's Testimony
Looking For My Father
The Face of Hypocrisy
An Ex-Fortune Teller Finds Jesus
From Crack To Christ
The Power Failure
Holli Hess's Testimony
God Saved My Dad
How God Used Cancer To Bless Me
How To Not Stay Defeated
I Have Finally Made It
Don't Doubt God's Power
God Protected Me
Testimony Of God's Love