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On these pages, we'd like to share with you the testimonies that our readers have shared with us; stories of struggle and triumph and the love of our Lord.  All share one thing in common:  people have come to Jesus Christ and have found the love that He offers all of us, completely and unconditionally.  Please enjoy these testimonies as people share their relationships with the Lord with you.


We hope you will be blessed by these testimonies.


Message During My Vacation
Delivered From An Accident
He Has A Purpose For Us
Look To God
The Pink Birds
The Devil Tried To Kill Me...
God Has Been Faithful
Jack Gallagher's Testimony
Debi's Testimony
God's Great Protection
Indar Narace's Testimony
Saved From A Doomed Marriage
In His Timing
My Life Change
Laurie Strickland's Testimony
Ken Polly's Testimony
Brought Through The Trial
Florence's Testimony
God Has A Plan
God's Miracle In Progress
God Never Fails
An Easter Miracle
Graciously Saved From Hell
The Death Of My Dad
The Power Of Prayer
Radical Changes
God's Hand
God Saved My Family
Barb's Testimony
Praise The Lord
The Wanderer
I Am Nothing
Made Strong Through Weakness
The Lord Always Provides
I Almost Died In Sin
My Miracle Story
The Unhappy Prostitute
Stephanie's Testimony
Taking A Good Look
God's Faithfulness
Gracia Burnham's Testimony
Who Crucified Christ?
A New Heart From God
An Angel By My Side
My Healing And Trip With Jesus
A Reason To Live
Jesus Is Enough
Seeing The Light Through Darkness
Robert's Testimony
Today, I Am Saved